What information can I see in a course? [mobile app]

In a course, there is much more information that students can have access to other than only the lectures inside it.

Now let's check in more detail what you can see under a course.

First, navigate to the left side menu, select My Training or Courses and find the course in question. 



Here you can find the following information:


1. The course's title.

2. The instructor of the course.

3. If the course is part of a curriculum.

4. The progress that you have made in this course (this appears only if you are enrolled in the course)

5. The steps that the course is consisted of.

6. Details of the course.

7. Discussions between members regarding the course.

8. Extra supplemental material.


Course part of a Curriculum

You have the ability to check if a course is part of a curriculum. Simply hit Go to Curriculum button and a list with all the curricula that the course is part of will be displayed. Click on the desired curriculum and you will be transferred to it.

Please, note that the button is available only if the course is part of a curriculum.



View Certificates

By selecting the top arrow on the right you will be able to view the certificates earned for this course. Simply, select View Certificate.




In this panel, you can see the main educational material that the course consists of and the corresponding progress. You may find lectures, exams, and/or on the job trainings. By selecting the "play" button on the bottom you can continue watching the course from the last point you stopped.




Here you can see some details regarding the course. For example, you can find how many ratings and reviews the course received, if it is connected with a category from the library content, what is the default language of the course and if it is mobile compatible.




Here the students can start a discussion about the courses' lectures separately or in general for the course. To start a general discussion, select the "+" button, write a title for the new topic, fill in your message and click Create.



Supplemental Material

Here you may find additional educational material, connected with the course. You can search the supplemental material by selecting the "arrow" symbol. Next, if you wish you can select a supplemental material that is tied to a specific course's lecture or find one that is not tied to any lecture.



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