Navigating Within a Group

Groups are a great social tool to allow conversation and documents to be kept and shared outside of the training process. If you are a member of a Group you may have several options to interact with the other Group Members, if your Group Admin has set up these options. Let's check them in more detail!


Group Wall

The Group Wall is a place where you can post updates and share your messages! You can add emojis, useful links, files, and/or images to your posts if you want to. You can also schedule your post by selecting a future publishing date. Just click Share when you are finished! 



  • The limit of characters for each post is 1800, including the HTML characters. 
  • Your post may need Admin approval before being posted on the Group Wall. If this is the case you will receive an in-app notification informing you so. Once your post is approved you will receive an email notification and you will be able to see your post on the Group Wall. 


When a post is live on the Group Wall, you can comment on it, and also tag other Group Members if you want to. Just add your comment and click Post Comment! You can also like the post by clicking the Like! button.



Discussion boards allow you to have conversations or gather feedback from other group members about specific topics. Under the Discussions page, you can see all existing discussions boards or create a new board if your Group Admin allows you to. 


To open an existing board, just click on its title. Once you are on the board, you can add a new comment or comment under another member's comment. You may also have the ability to edit or delete your previous comments, if your Admin has set up this option. 



You can browse the Group's Content and leave a comment on each content item. Moreover, you may be able to upload Content to the Group by clicking the Add URL or Upload File options. 


Group Members 

Under Group Members, you can see which other members of your Academy are also part of this Group.



Under Admins, you can see who is managing this Group. 



Under Polls, you can respond to any Polls that the Group Admin has created for you. Just click Take Poll, select your response, and click Save!


Leave Group

The last option you have is to leave the group. Just click Leave Group and you will be removed from the Group you are currently in. 

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