Offline access for Course's lectures [mobile app]

Schoox mobile platform offers the Offline Downloads feature. Users can download and store at their device various types of lectures, see them while they are offline, and sync their progress when they are online again.

Offline viewing is designed for users that don’t have Wi-Fi and don’t want to spend their mobile data plan seeing lectures.

To view offline a course's lecture you have first to download it. To do so, simply find the course in question and hit the download button.


On the next screen, you can select the desired lectures that are available offline for downloading. Hit on the lecture's download button and the lecture will start downloading automatically!


After download's completion, the lecture will be available offline and the student can view it at a later time. Simply, open the course's lecture following the same usual procedure!


Important Notes:

  • The feature is available to download only Lectures, not Exams, Polls, On the Job Training, or Events.
  • The Lectures should be items that the actual file was originally Uploaded to Schoox (eg. image, pdf, video), not the kind of lectures that are just simple URLs to other sites.
  • The lecture's progress is synced automatically in the offline mode by opening the course card, of the lectures Users have completed offline. However, Users can also submit the unsubmitted progress by navigating to settings and selecting the option Sync Unsubmitted Progress or via logging out.


  • The Offline download feature is available by default in the Academies for all lecture types except for SCORM.
  • For the SCORM Οffline download feature, the customers must contact Schoox to enable this functionality. 
  • When it comes to courses that are set with geofencing and the user is part of the rule, then the download button is hidden for this user.



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