Tracking Your Personal Onboarding Progress

In your Personal Onboarding Dashboard, you can track your onboarding progress and see details and statistics about each Onboarding profile you have participated in.

To find your personal Onboarding Dashboard, hover over Me, click My Dashboard and then select Onboarding


On this page, you can see some statistics on your overall Onboarding progress and each Onboarding profile such as your Onboarding Completion Rate and your On-Time Completion Rate. 


Use the dropdown to select a specific Onboarding Profile, and you will be redirected to this specific profile's dashboard. On this page you can see:

1) Your On Time Completion Rate for this Profile 
2) Your overall Training Completion Rate for this Profile
3) Any Metrics Assessments you had during this Profile 
4) The day you were assigned this Profile and the day/week you are currently in
5) The Status of your Onboarding (Completed / Not Completed)
6) The Delayed percentage for each Completion rate. The Delayed rate represents the percentage of the onboarding parts that have not been completed yet or were completed after their due date.


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