Sending an Announcement to My Employees About Their Performance Reviews

You as an Admin or a Reviewer, have the option to send announcements per cycle to all users who are in a specific status in the reviews flow. 

This is an option that is only available for cycles of Top-Down profiles. Admins by default are able to send announcements for all cycles while the Reviewers should have a “Send Announcement” permission in order to have this option. Moreover, the Reviewers are only able to send announcements for cycles that belong to a profile that has either the Self-Review or Reviewee Sign-Off options enabled.

To send an announcement hover over the Performance tab from your top navigation bar and click on the Reviews option. Then select Team Reviews

A Send Announcements option will be visible for each cycle that has non-released reviews. Click on this option and you will be redirected to the page where you can send the announcement. 


On this page, you first have to select a review state that will define which users will receive this announcement. The available options may be different based on your role and cycle. The review state options may include the following:

  • Draft Self Review
  • Draft Manager Review
  • Pending Approval
  • Approved and Pending Release from Manager
  • Not Approved
  • Pending Approval from HR Manager
  • Pending Sign off from Employee

Once you select a review state, below you will see the number of users that match this criterion and will receive this announcement. 


The next option you have is the "Send copy to Inbox?" checkbox. If you check this, the announcement will also be sent to the selected recipients as a personal message.

Last but not least, you have the option to select the Preferred Content Language the recipients should have. Selecting a language will filter the recipients based on their preferred content language.


Finish the process by adding your message. Don't forget to click Send Announcement Now when finished!


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