Edit On the Job Training Tasks

An Admin or a Manager with the Create Standalone On the Job Training permission can create and manage their On the Job Trainings and the tasks within them. 

To edit the tasks of the On the Job Trainings that you have permission to,  hover over Training and then click On the Job Training. You will be able to see the Manage On the Job Training option under the On the Job Trainings that you are a creator of. Once you are in the On the Job Training panel, click on the Edit Tasks option. 


Here you can create more tasks for your OJT or edit the ones you have added in the past. You can read more on how to create a task here: How can I create a Task for my On the Job Training?

When editing your tasks you have the following options: 


1. Change the Task Type using the relevant dropdown.

2. Edit the Task's settings

3. Add Instructions for your Trainees. Read more about instructions: How can I upload instructions for an On the Job Training task? 

4. Associate the Task with Metrics. Just click on the relevant button, select the Metrics and your selection will be autosaved. Read more: How can I use Metrics for my On the Job Trainings?

5. Delete the Task permanently 

Read more: How can I create an On the Job Training?

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