How to keep track of my Metrics Assessments / Progress? [mobile app]

You have the option to keep track of all your Performance Metrics and progress via the mobile Application!
To do so, click on your name on the main navigation menu and select My Metrics Assessments.


Using the sorting option on the top you are able to sort your metrics assessments By Individual Metrics, Grouped By date, either All or Required assessments, or only metrics with assessments. 



By Individual Metrics

On the Individual Metrics tab, you are able to check your assessments and progress for each Metric individually. The options you have here are to check your average score on your Self-Assessments, for each metric or take a Self-Assessment by clicking Assess.

Once you click on a Metric you will be able to see a graph that shows you the metric's progress over time. Additionally, you can see the assessments you have for this metric, as well as delete a Self- Assessment, by clicking Delete Assessment.


Grouped by Date

On the Grouped by Date tab, you are able to check the assessments you received for all metrics, depending on the date you received them. Once you click on a date you will be able to see the Assessments you received on that specific date.


Taking an Assessment
You can assess yourself in any of the metrics showing up, simply by clicking on the Assess button.



By clicking on the "Info" icon you can get the Ranking Level Information for this assessment.


To complete the self-assessment, select a rating from the drop-down menu, write your comments, and hit on Save.


Please note that you will have the option to assess yourself only if the admin of your academy has enabled self-assessments for your academy.

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