What information can I see on the Home Page? [mobile app]

Home Screen is the first screen you see after logging in to your account via the mobile application. It is composed of an optional Global search bar and a number of gadgets that are optional too. Each academy has some default installed (which can be disabled).

Furthermore, gadgets can be enabled for mobile, or for web only, and there are different gadgets for Users with Admin and Management Permissions and Users without Management Permissions.

If you are an admin, please check How can I utilize Home Page of my Academy? also for more information.

To access your Home Page via the mobile application, simply select Home from the main navigation menu.


The gadgets you may be able to see are defined by your role within the Academy. The gadgets are divided into two different categories:

  • Gadgets for users with Admin and Management Permissions
  • Gadgets available for all users

Home_page_2.png                  Home_Page.png

Calendar: A calendar displaying various activities such as Events, Due Dates, or Expiration dates.

Latest Content: Displaying the 4 last uploaded items.

My Team's Quick Dashboard: By enabling the My Team's Quick Dashboard, Admins and users with Managerial jobs will be able to have a quick view of their employees, the Total hours they have spent, the average completion rate, and the Compliance Rate.

Trainee's Pending On the Job Training gadget: By enabling the Trainee's Pending On the Job Training gadget, trainees will be able to see the OJT tasks that need to be signed off by them. For an OJT to show on this gadget, there needs to be at least one task that is signed by the trainee but not signed by the trainer.

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