Notifications: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, you will find some frequently asked questions about Notifications, as well as some tips and tricks that will help you better understand the Notifications feature!

Q1: Can I see what changes were made in an email notification?

Yes! Please check this article.

Q2: If a user is Unit Manager and is also a Course assignor, and if both recipient options are selected in a scheduled notification, will the user receive two different emails for the very same case?

That is correct.

Q3: Let's say that the "Direct Head of Above" recipient option is selected in a scheduled notification, and Unit A is associated with the Above Unit A. If a user is associated only with Unit A, will the Head of Above Unit A receive an email notification?

No, the Head of Above Unit A will receive a notification only for users who are directly associated with Above Unit A.

Q4: Will scheduled notifications for "Direct Head of Above" go to a custom, editable job which is associated with an Above Unit type?

No, the recipients' list is applied only to non-editable jobs.

Q5: The "Notification about courses/curricula assignment by rule" does not contain an "attend now" URL like the notification "You have been assigned a course/curriculum." Is this by system design? If so, why would the same type of message not contain the URL? 

This is by design. The reason is that the notifications might have several courses or curricula included that were assigned by a rule. That is why such a link would not work. This is only available in the "You have been assigned a course/curriculum." notification where a specific course or curriculum is assigned.

Q6: If I change the language of a notification, will that notification go out in that language, or does it depend on what language the user chooses when they log in?

The language of the notification is affected by the user setting shown in the following screenshot. This setting affects the UI language as well as the version of the notification that each user will receive.


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