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How to send an Announcement?

If you have selected the type of announcement that you want to send (Academy, Course, Curriculum), you are ready to add the desired message and send the announcement to the recipients that you want to!

If you have not found the type of announcement that fits your needs yet, read the following article first: What types of Announcements are there?

Announcements can be sent either to single users (Individual Announcement) or to a group of users based on their job and location (Advanced Announcement).



Individual Announcement

If you send an Individual Announcement you can search the recipients and select them by clicking on the “+” symbol.Plus_icon.pngAdd a message in the space provided, add an image/URL, and/or click Upload Attachment to upload documents from your computer.Ac_Announcement_Ind.png

You can also prioritize the announcement by checking the High Priority checkbox right under the message block. You need to choose the number of days before your announcement loses its high priority status and becomes a regular announcement. Don't forget to click  Announce once finished!



Advanced Announcement

Advanced Announcements use filters to send the announcement only to those that match the selected org structure criteria.  Simply use the drop-down menus and select the desired job(s), Above Units(s), and Unit(s). The number of individuals that match the criteria will display below.


Similar to Individual Announcements, you can add a message, upload documents from your computer, mark the announcement as a "High Priority" one, for a specific number of days.

Click on the Send Announcement Now button once finished!

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