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How can I send Announcements?

You can send announcements about a course to all its students, only to those who have completed it or only to those who haven’t.

To do this, go to the specific course panel (from the Training tab, select All Courses and then Manage Course associated with the course you want).

Once you are on the course panel, select Students in the left menu bar and then Send Announcements from the list that appears.


There are two types of Announcements: Individual and Advanced.

If you send an Individual Announcement you can search the recipients and select them by clicking on the “+” symbol. To complete your announcement, you can write a message in the space provided or click Upload Attachment to upload documents from your computer. Finally, click Announce.


Advanced Announcements use filters to send the announcements only to those that fit within specific parameters of jobs, untis and above untis.  Simply use the drop-down menus and check the boxes provided to create a rule. The number of individuals that fit the criteria will display below.

As with Individual Announcements, you can add a message, or upload documents from your computer.

When you finish, click Announce Now to send the announcement.


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