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How can I manage my Academy's Compliance Courses?

The specifics of compliance differ from academy to academy.  However, in Schoox you can mark courses as Compliance Courses, and then track compliance in your academy.  

You can easily label a course a compliance course while creating it, by simply selecting Yes under Compliance Course.

This can be easily done after the creation of a course as well. 

1. Go to the course’s panel, by selecting Training and then All courses from the upper navigation bar. Then, select “Manage course” associated with the desired course

2. In the course panel, select Edit Course Info, either from the left menu under the Edit Course tab, or from the the Quick Tools on the right.

3. Scroll down and check Yes under the Compliance course

4. Optionally, you can add the course to a separate, Compliance Courses category, as well, to further distinguish it


How to use the Compliance Dashboard

Compliance courses have their own dashboard. This dashboard's functionality isn’t much different in use from the Employee Dashboard, however, there are some unique features that will help you manage these courses efficiently.

Click on Admin and then Reporting in the upper navigation bar. After that, select Compliance Dashboard from the left side menu.


At the top of this page, you can see the compliance score of your academy. 

  1. Compliance courses: the total number of compliance courses in your academy
  2. Total Employees: the number of employees enrolled in all the compliance courses of your academy
  3. Compliant: the number of employees that have completed all the compliance courses
  4. Non - compliant: the number of employees who haven’t completed the compliance courses

You can filter this information for a particular Course by clicking on the course you want to check. Here, all numbers reflect the employees enrolled in the specific course. Therefore, Total Employees indicates the total number of employees enrolled in the course, Compliant the number of those who have 100% progress in this course, and so on. 


If you scroll down, you can also see the progress of each employee individually. This information is also gathered in the Employee Dashboard.


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