Editing the completion date of a Course and/or Curriculum

As an Admin of an Academy, you can mark a Course and/or Curriculum as complete and also set its date of completion. 

Navigate to your Admin panel by selecting Reporting from the upper navigation bar.

From the left side menu, under Reporting, select Employees Dashboard.

In the panel that opens, under Courses/Curricula, search for the desired course and click on the user whose progress you want to edit.


Select the small "wrench" icon next to the user's name, click inside the Completion date box and insert the date you want to appear as the completion date of the course/curriculum.


You can also update the time spent, give an external ID, and/or add a relevant comment and click Save when finished.

*Please note that the Completion External ID doesn't correspond to data presented in any of Schoox reports, as it is used for internal purposes only. 

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