Can I add custom attributes to my academy members?

Administrators can add any required attributes to the employees in their academy.

Select the "Admin" tab from the top menu. Then on the left panel select the tab "Your Academy" and then the "Academy Settings" from the expanded menu. On the new page select the "Advanced Settings" tab.


Scroll down the list of settings and you will find the "Custom Attributes" setting. Click on it to expand and you can add new fields for your employees' profiles.

You can add up to 20 fields of your preference as attributes for your employees, events, courses, curricula, and units. The Hiring Date and Birthdate fields are two default fields that you can use but cannot be edited.

For all your custom attributes, including the Hiring Date and Birthdate default fields, you have two options:

  • “Show on Edit User” checkbox: If checked, this field will be available under Edit user on the Manage Members page.

  • “Admins/Managers can edit this field” checkbox: If checked, this field will be editable for Admins and managerial jobs with the “Edit a user’s custom field” job permission. This option is only available if the “Show on Edit User” checkbox is checked. In addition, this option allows the admin to include these custom fields in the template when making uploads through the grid. For more information on how to add users please visit this link.


  • You have the option to select if your employees should be able to edit their own custom attributes (users' custom fields), on their profile. If you want your custom fields to be editable, just click on the "Employees can edit this field" checkbox. 
  • You can choose not to display sensitive user data on the user's profile to all employees by hiding the custom attribute under Advanced Settings. Just uncheck the "Show on user's profile".
  • You can select if your employees will be able to edit their Birthdate, under Advanced Settings-> Social Collaboration->Social Activities Settings. Just toggle the "Users can edit their birthdate" option.


Once the Administrator adds a new field in the settings, this field will appear in the employees' info under "Manage Member", "Edit User". The Administrator can then enter info into this field for the employee selected.

Please note: This functionality is implemented for anyone using Schoox API calls as these attributes are available there. 


Once you have added custom attributes for your employees, Admins and Managers that have the relevant permissions enabled, will be able to filter employees' listings based on these custom fields/attributes. 

These filtering options are available on the Manage Members page and on the Assign Training pages (individual & advanced assignment).

For example, as shown below you can select users whose "HR id" is equal to "123555" and were hired between 06/12/2019 to 06/18/2019.


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