Subscription Package of External Courses

External courses purchased via a subscription package, are visible only to users that have a license allocated to their account. That license can be removed from users and given to others.

Each subscription has a specific number of max quota (licenses) and an expiration date. 

Each subscription is a package of courses by a specific content provider.

Admins can view the available subscriptions under the Administration panel > Online Training > Allocate/Remove licenses, as well as on the Categorize Purchased Courses page.



Users with allocated licenses will be able to find the courses in question under the main navigation bar > Training > Courses.


Also note: When a user (with an allocated license) gets deactivated, then the system gives his license back to the Academy. This is a background process and the time frame depends on the load of the system at that time. It can be completed instantly or it can take up to a few hours.


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