Preferred Language Versus UI Language

In Schoox, the language shown is determined in two ways — UI Language and Preferred Language.

UI Language

The UI (user interface) Language setting changes the language the academy appears to you overall. This includes headers, drop down menus, buttons, and other functional elements. Additionally, email notifications sent from the academy will also be determined by your set UI Language.

It does not affect, however, the language in which a course is displayed.

To set your UI language, select your desired language from the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar.


Preferred Language

The Preferred Language setting, found under My Profile, tells Schoox which course to assign to you if offered in that language.


Your preferred language also affects the items shown under the Content Library and the progress of a multi-language Curricula.

Completed multi-language curricula will remain completed if the preferred language is changed. However, progress of any unfinished multi-language curricula will reset upon preferred language change.

For steps on how to change your preferred language, check out this article: Changing Your Preferred language

Please note that when the Preferred Language is updated, choice needs to be made. If you don't want the progress of the multi-language curricula to be affected by your language change, select No. If, however, you want courses to be shown in the new language, select Yes.



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