Adding Members to Your Academy

There are two ways to add users to your Academy.  You can either add them manually one by one or add several at a time by uploading a spreadsheet containing all the necessary information.

To add new users, select Admin in the top navigation bar. Then under Members on the left, click Add or Invite Members.

Under the Add Users sub-tab, select either the Employees or the External Members tab, based on the type of users that you want to add. 


Add Users Manually

To manually add employees or external members one by one, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Add Row to create a new record and start to fill in the user's fields.Add_row.PNG
    • Firstname and Lastname are required fields. You can also add an External ID if needed. 
    • Add an Email or/and Username for your user. Email is optional if you add a Username and vice-versa. Adding an email is strongly suggested.
    • The password for each individual is automatically generated but you can also select to add a custom password. Make sure to change the Force Password field to Yes, if you want the user to select a new password upon the first login.
    • Select to assign the user to an (Above) unit and a job. (Optional)
    • Set the user's Preferred Content Language. (Optional)
    • Give the user an Academy Role such as Admin, Training Manager, Content Manager, or Hourly Worker. (Optional)
    • Set the Custom Attributes of your Academy for this user if needed. Screenshot_57.png

      Read more: Adding Custom Attributes to Academy Members
  2. Check a row's box and click Copy Row if you wish to add the same employee with a different Unit and/or another Job. When added into Schoox, the rows will then be merged into one.
  3. Check the row's box and click Delete Row If you need to delete a row. Select Clear All if you want to delete all the work you’ve done up to that point.
  4. Schoox will automatically warn you about any errors by turning a row red and displaying an error code in the error column.  Hovering over the error code will reveal what the error means. You can click the Clear all errors option if you wish to erase the records that seem to experience one or more of the issues mentioned below.
    Errors.PNGError Messages:
    • 201: Already a member of the Academy 
    • 202: Username already exists in the Academy
    • 203: External ID already exists in the Academy
    • 204: The person you are going to add has the same username as someone in the academy
    • 205: External ID already exists in the Imports
    • 210: Email or Username is required 
    • 211: Firstname and Lastname is required 
    • 212: You must select a Unit
    • 510: Unknown Type Name - Above Unit or Unit does not exist
    • 564: Please provide a real email
    • 610: Unknown Job - Job does not exist
    • 611: An Above Unit or Unit is required
    • 612: Insufficient Privileges to mark Admin, Training Manager, or Content Manager role
    • 911: Invalid email 
    • 912: Password must be at least 6 characters
    • 913: Not valid user language
  5. When finished, click Submit to bring them into your academy. Submit.PNG

Please note that if you select to not add an email to the user you are adding, the user will not receive any notifications from your academy. 


Upload Users via Spreadsheet

To upload multiple users at once, please follow the instructions below:

(please note that this option is not available for external members)

  1. Click Download Template to download the sample spreadsheet. You can use this as a template to fill in the user's data.
  2. Input all users' info into the file. Please Note: each row corresponds to a user record. After finishing, save the file to your computer.
  3. Click Upload File and select the file you have just saved. Click Upload to start the uploading process.Upload_file.PNG
  4. When this file is loaded, your employees' data will be populated on the page.
  5. Correct any errors you might get and add or delete rows if necessary. Schoox will automatically warn you of any errors by turning a row red and displaying an error code in the error column. Hovering over the error code will reveal what it means. 
  6. Click Submit to start the process.
  7. Individuals added will automatically receive an email from Schoox with their password if they have an email listed. 


  • If you try to add a user who is already a member of your academy (based on the user's e-mail), the respective row will be highlighted and you will receive an error message.
  • If you try to add a user who already exists in Schoox (based on the user's e-mail), the user’s details will be filled in automatically. Details such as the user’s e-mail and name can’t be edited with the Add Users tool. You can only add information related to your academy, such as the user’s job, above unit, etc.
  • You can also add a user in multiple units or different job roles by creating multiple copied records of the same user; in such a case only the user information (name, email, etc.) from the first record will be taken into account. All other academy information, such as jobs and units from other records, will be merged.
  • You can’t upload an excel file if your page already contains one or more user records
  • If a password already exists, the corresponding field will be marked as "Already Set" which means you can’t change it.
  • You can import up to 200 records at a time.
  • If the same name is used for multiple Above Units, you can identify which is the correct one, by checking the relevant Above Unit Type. If you need to add a user via an excel file, just make sure that you have added the Above Unit Type next to your Above Unit's name. As an example, if you have:

- Above Unit "A" of type "X" and
- Above Unit "A" of type "Z"

the relevant fields in the template should be: A-X and A-Z

Feel free to contact, in case you experience any issue or need additional information on this process.

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