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How Do I Customize My Academy’s Certificate?

In Schoox, certificates are automatically awarded whenever a student successfully completes a course.  As an academy Administrator, you are able not only to customize the look of the certificate used within your academy but also to create custom certificates per Brand.

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Customize your Academy Certificate

To customize your certificate, hover over the Admin tab in the top navigation bar, and click Academy Settings.


Then, under Your Academy, select Custom Certificate.


In the following menu, you can customize the certificate’s style and color. You are also able to upload your logo, which displays on the right side of the certificate, and your signature, which displays on the left. Last but not least, you can select if you want to add a custom badge, the default one or if you want to completely remove the badge icon from the certificate.


When you are finished, make sure to apply the settings by clicking Save. After saving, you will be able to preview your changes by clicking Preview Certificate.


Create custom certificates per Brand

Navigate to your Admin tab in the upper navigation bar, and select Manage HierarchyOn the next page select Above Units. Go to the Add Above Units tab, search for the desired  Above Unit and click on Edit Brand.


Select the Configure Certificate by Brand option and decide whether you want to have a custom certificate for your brand or not. If you want to have a custom certificate for the selected brand, apply the changes based on your needs and click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.


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