Replacing Academy Labels

In Schoox, several terms can be replaced with your preferred ones to fit your organization's needs. For example, you may prefer to use the term "Member" instead of "Employee". 

As an academy Admin, you are able to change Academy Labels. 

To replace your labels, select Admin in the upper navigation bar. Then, under Your Academy on the left, select Academy Labels.

Fill in the field "Rename to" with your preferred term. 

When finished, save at the bottom of the page. 

Change is instant. All changes apply to the entire interface of your Academy, as well as to every outgoing email and notification sent from the system.  

Please Note:

  • Labels must be in English and in singular form.
  • Changing the academy Labels affects not only the entire interface of the academy but also every outgoing email and in-app notification sent from the system.
  • Sentences containing labels will not be translated throughout the academy.
  • All sentences throughout the academy containing updated labels will not be translated (so all of the phrases that contain a label that has been changed will be shown in English).
  • If the renamed label and/or any of the sentences that contain this label was already translated in the past, the translation for this term/sentence will be available immediately.

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