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Basic Academy Labels: Description

Label Description

1. On the job training/ Job Training

Sometimes training needs to take place in person. On the Job Training events give you the option to add various tasks that need to be completed during this particular training, or specifics you need to check off the list before the event is considered complete.

2. Task

Different type of steps that the user has to accomplish in order to complete an on the job training

3. Home Assignment

This type of task requires the trainees to accomplish some sort of homework, and then verify that they have completed the assignment by uploading an assignment document or file.

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4. Event

In Schoox, you can set up various events, that can be either in-class or virtual.
5. In-Class Training Events that take place in a physical location. Events can be created as Standalone Event, Course Event, or Curriculum Event

6. Live Session

Live Session events take place virtually - connecting Schoox with your GoToTraining/ Webex/ Zoom account

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7. Career Path You have the ability to track skills in your academy and ultimately give members’ the ability to follow defined career paths.

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8. Above Unit

Represent areas, organizations, or people that are connected to the units.

9. Unit

represent locations, stores, or business units.

10. Job

covers the different roles individuals have anywhere in the hierarchy.

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11. Course

You can create your own courses which can consist of as many lectures as you want. You can use video files, powerpoint presentations, documents or even SCORM packages. You can also use web content like YouTube, Vimeo or TED videos, slideshare presentations or any web page.

12. Lecture As soon as you have created your online course you can start adding content / lectures.

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13. Curriculum A curriculum is a group of courses usually in a related topic. Curricula can be Multi-course or Multi-language.


14. Group Groups are smaller communities within your Academy for collaboration, knowledge and content sharing around specific topics. Each group has its own visibility and access rules. 


15. Wall The Academy wall is a place where users can post status updates and see news of their peers' activities. You can choose which members can see and post updates.


16. Badge You can create badges that users can award to other employees and decide who can create and award corporate badges.


17. Leaderboard You can give your members the chance to be featured on their corporate leaderboard and earn rewards. This stimulates continued interest in learning.


18. Exam You are able to create exams and quizzes for your courses, directly within schoox.


19. Me  Though the "Me" tab you can check your profile, your accomplishments, your self-assessments and your dashboard. You have also the option to setup your account-settings.


20. Announcement There are two types of Announcements: Academy Announcements & Course Announcements. You can send announcements to all members, to individuals or to specific groups.

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21. Catalogue The Course Catalogue when accessing your Training> Courses tab. The available Courses for you to take.


22. Home Academy Home page


23. Polls You can create polls tο track your employees' feedback or opinions

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24. Library Your Personal/ Academy Library


25. Onboarding Onboarding feature in Schoox allows admins to design the training schedule for all new employees as well as for employees that changed jobs in the company.

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26. Skill Schoox allows you to set up your Academy with skill management in mind. So you are able to utilize your staff to the best of their abilities.

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27. Oblige You are able to require that specific students retake courses/curricula, etc. You have the option to oblige a student to retake a course/curriculum through the Employees Dashboard.

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