How Do I Manage My Polls?

Depending on the type of your Polls, you can manage them by following one of the two different paths below:

(a) to manage your non-event polls (Standalone/ Course/ Curriculum/ Group Polls) click on the Admin tab from your upper navigation bar, select Polls, and then Manage Polls. 


(b) to manage your event polls (In-Class Training/ Live Session Polls) click on the Manage Events option from your administration/course/curriculum panel, find the event in question, click on the Manage Event option right under the Event title, and hit Manage Polls.


In the “Manage Polls” menu, you are able to edit, preview, and delete polls. You can also click the Public/Private toggle under “Status” to make the poll visible or invisible. When it comes to non-event polls (that is Standalone, Course, Curriculum, Group polls), you have also the option to Upload an Image and replace the default thumbnail. 


For Event Polls, and the multiple-offer Events, you have the option to copy the poll that is associated with the main(first) Event to one of the additional event offers. To do so, select the multiple offer(s) that you wish to copy the poll into, and then click Copy. The poll will be copied to the multiple offer(s) you selected!


Last but not least, from this page, you have the option to make your Private Standalone Polls available only to specific Employees.

To do so, just find the Poll in question and click on the Assign option.


You will be given the option to assign the poll either to specific employees (Individual Assignment) or to a group of employees based on their job and location (Advanced Assignment).


You can also view the results of your polls or export them. 


Close Ended Questions: The results of the poll will be displayed as a bar chart for your convenience (pdf format).


Open-Ended Questions: An excel/ .csv file will be downloaded, containing all of the answers per open-ended question.

Polls are a great tool to take a look at the opinions of your employees on some aspects of the learning process or on the academy in general. 

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