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Managing Event Equivalencies

You, as an Admin, can now define the events that are equivalent to each other. By using this feature, your academy members will be able to automatically complete all of the events that are equivalent to the ones they have actually attended.
As as example, if Event A is marked as an equivalent to Event B & Event C, the user that will attend the Event A, will be marked as having attended Event B and Event C as well.
Please note: In this example, if a user has attended the Event B, only Event A will be automatically marked as completed.

To set up your equivalencies, go to the In-class training tab of your administration panel for your in-class events or to the Live Sessions tab for your virtual events and click on the Equivalent Events option.


Select the desired event and then click on the relevant checkbox for each of the equivalents.


Please note that you can set up equivalencies among: 

  • Εvents (in-class training or live sessions) that are stand-alone ones
  • Εvents (in-class training or live sessions) belonging to the same course/curriculum
  • Master events having the same attendance rules applied (for event bundles)

Once you Save your selection, the equivalent events will be shown on the Event's page and the user will be able to see which events are equivalent to the one that he/she is going to attend.


 Please note:

  • You can add up to 10 equivalent events per event
  • On event's completion, the user is automatically enrolled to all of the equivalent events which are marked as "completed via equivalent event" at employees dashboard.
  • This functionality doesn't work retrospectively. In case that a user had completed a event prior to setting up your equivalencies, the equivalent events will not be marked as completed for him/her.
  • If you want to run a report in order to check the equivalency relationships that have been set up for your events, try to export the "Event (In-Class Trainings/ Live Sessions Equivalent Report" using the Report Builder feature!
  • If you want to see if the selected event was marked as completed due to the equivalencies, you have the option to add an extra field in your reports (under Report Builder); the name of this field is "Completed by equivalency".  (Read also: How to use the Report Builder?)
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