Monitoring The Onboarding Process

Onboarding progress is tracked in My Team's Dashboard.

Select Admin/Reporting/Manage in the top navigation bar. Then, under Reporting on the left, select My Team's Dashboard.


At the top of the page, select Onboarding.


Please note: If the relevant block has been enabled under advanced academy settings by an admin, learners will have also the option to check their onboarding profiles directly from their Personal Performance Dashboard.

On the page that appears, you are able to view onboarding overall for those you are able to view.


Through this page, you can have all of the necessary information regarding:

  • The total number of the onboarding profiles
  • The average duration of all onboarding profiles
  • The average number of employees of all onboarding profiles
  • The average training completion of all onboarding profiles
  • The average on-time completion of all onboarding profiles. 

Moreover, you have a list of all onboarding profiles where you can see the number of employees, and the training completion, for each one of the onboarding profiles.

By selecting one of the profiles, you can drill down to check the training statistics for the selected onboarding profile for any training material entered in the profile (courses, and curricula). 


You can also use the filtering options at the top of the page in order to display a list of the employees that are part of the onboarding profile, the past employees that were included in the onboarding profile prior to their deactivation, and/or job-change, etc.

More specifically, you have the following filtering options:

  • Active onboarding employees: Contains all users that are active within the onboarding process.
  • Past onboarded employees: Contains all users that were active within the onboarding process but they are not anymore due to a job change or hierarchy change.
  • Past employees: Contains all users that got into the onboarding process but got deactivated from the academy.

Monitoring the time-based flow

For the time-based flow, you have the option to select a specific day/week to see which employees are at this stage (day/week) after the onboarding assignment.


Once you select a course or a curriculum included in the profile, the list will be filtered to display the progress and the delay for each employee that had the selected course/curriculum assigned as well as each employee's current day/week in the onboarding process.


Monitoring the activity-based flow

For the activity-based flow, you have the option to select a specific level to see which employees have reached this level of the onboarding plan. For these users, you can see their progress and the time they took to complete the training. 

Screenshot_40.pngPlease note: All percentage calculations only apply to assigned courses/curricula. The "Invite to Enroll" courses/curricula are not included in the total stats calculation. Moreover, stats are not displayed for the "Invite to Enroll" activities, and they cannot be selected to view user progress.

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