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How to configure the Home Page of my Academy?

You, as an Admin can configure the home page differently and independently for every category of users. The home page can consist of one or more gadgets that you can add and decide about the order they appear. Most gadgets come in two sizes which provides you more flexibility on how you can design the home page experience.

In order to customize your Home Page, select the Home tab from your upper navigation menu, click on the arrow next to your name and click on the Edit Homepage option.


You can now decide which of the available gadgets should be displayed on the homepage for:

  • Users with Admin and Management Permissions
  • For Users without Management Permissions


You have the option to add as many gadgets as you need! To do so, just click on the Add gadget button at the bottom of your screen.


Select one of the available gadgets and click Add.



The following gadgets are available for all users, regardless of their role and job:

  • Announcements: Users will be able to see the announcements that the Admin/Manager has sent.


  • Promoted Courses: Up to 4 courses (that have been marked as promoted) can be shown on every user’s home page. For a course to populate as a promoted course at a user’s home page, the user should not be already enrolled in the course. Please bear in mind that Private courses even if selected as promoted do not populate at the promoted courses gadget. Courses need to be public. Decentralized categories courses will be hidden from this page as well. Moreover, Course category visibility rules outweigh promoted courses setup. For example, a course set as promoted course, part of a category not visible to all employees, won't populate at the promoted courses gadget for an employee. Last but not least, the promoted courses will not be displayed in this page if you are the course-instructor.
  • Suggested Courses: Up to 4 suggested courses can be shown on every user’s home page. Courses are suggested by default only based on permissions that have been set up (i.e. what roles have permission to access which course categories). This means that by default users are suggested the latest courses that have been published and are open for them to take. However, through your academy settings you can also choose if you want the system to suggest courses to end users based on more criteria like their role or skills.


  • Latest Content: Displaying the 4 last uploaded items.
  • Suggested Groups: Users can see which are the groups that they have the option to join.
  • Calendar: Once you have enabled this gadget, an extra menu will appear where you have the option to choose the color that you want to have for each one of the events, expiration dates, etc. that will be presented on the calendar of your academy. Moreover, you have the option to determine which should be the default first calendar day!


  • Polls
  • Quick Training Dashboard: Users can track their progress and see details about their training so far.


  • Recently Awarded certificates
  • Curricula In Progress:


Up to 3 curricula can be shown on every user’s home page, sorted based on the following rules (which can be defined by an Admin):

- Last Progress

- Time enrolled

- Time created

  • Course In Progress:


Up to 3 courses can be shown on every user’s home page, sorted based on the following rules (which can be defined by an Admin):

- Last Progress

- Time enrolled

  • New Messages
  • New Newsfeed Posts
  • Most Popular Content: Displaying the 3 most viewed items in the academy.
  • Favorite Content: Displaying to each user the item(s) that he/she has marked as favorite(s).
  • Recently Viewed Content: Displaying to each user the last 3 items that he/she accessed.
  • High Priority Announcements: High priority announcements are shown on the homepage of your academy in the High Priority Announcements section of the page.

Additionally, you have an extra gadget available for Admins and users with Managerial jobs in order to allow them to track the progress of the employees under their org structure, at a glance. 

By enabling the My Team's Quick Dashboard, Admins and users with Managerial jobs will be able to have a quick view of their employees, the Total hours they have spent, the average Completion rate and the Compliance Rate.



For each one of the gadgets, you have 3 different options/settings available:


  1. You can change the sequence of the gadgets with a simple drag & drop (Please note that regular users can reorder the gadgets for their own homepage).
  2. Decide whether you want the gadget to be visible on the mobile app or not.
  3. Resize the gadget.

Once you have finished, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page and you' re done!

In case that you need to reset the order of the gadgets, just click on the Reset Homepage Order option on your Home page.


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