How can I update training material for multiple Courses at once?

If you want to update your training material for multiple courses you have the option to do so, from your Content Library. First, you have to make sure that the training material (lecture or supplemental material) you want to update has been added to your courses from the Content Library. To learn more about how to add training material from the Content Library read:
How Can I Add Lectures To A Course?
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To update your training material for multiple courses, just click on Library from your upper navigation menu and find the training material that you want to update.


Click on the More option, hit Update file, and upload the new training material that you want to.


Once you have updated the file, you can now select which are the Courses that need to be updated. 

Click on the More option once again but now hit Update Course.


You can select to update the lectures or supplemental material that has been added to a course via the Content library. Check the Courses and type of training material that you want to update, click Update Course File and you are finished!


You have also the option to add a reminder in order to be notified that the content item needs to be updated after a specified period of time (for example, on an annual basis). If you enable this option, make sure that you have also enabled the relevant email notification, under Scheduled Notifications:





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