Updating Training Material Across Multiple Courses

You are able to update training material across multiple courses directly within your Content Library.

First, make sure that the training material (lecture or supplemental material) you want to update has been added to your courses from the Content Library. To learn more about how to add training material from the Content Library read:
How Can I Add Lectures To A Course?
Can I Add Supplemental Material To A Course?


To update your training material for multiple courses, select Library in the upper navigation bar and find the training material that you want to update.


Select More Info associated with the desired file.


Update File allows you to update the library item without affecting those in courses.

Update Course File allows you to update files within courses.

After selecting Update Course File, a window will appear displaying the courses associated with this file. Check the box next to the appropriate courses, and select the Update Course button.


Check this box if you'd like periodic reminders sent to admins, the course creator, or both. Be sure to save when finished.



When selected, you can then determine who receives these notifications.

Select Admin in the upper navigation bar. Then, under Notifications on the left, Scheduled.


Under Notification about periodical content update, determine who should receive the notifications and when.



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