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How can I create Credit Types?

Using Credits in Schoox can help you make sure your employees have acquired the right amount of knowledge to be proficient in their role. If you associate the credits with the relevant training, employees will be able to gather the needed credits by completing their training. But as a first step, you have to create the Credit Types that will be available for your employees!

To create Credit types just go to Admin, select Credits from the left-side menu, and click on the Create Types option. On this page, you can check the types you created in the past and create more if needed. 


To create a new Credit Type please follow the following 4 steps:

1. Type: Here you can define what your Credit Type will be. This is the Credit's "name" and it is better to use a title that will reflect the profession connected to this credit type i.e SEO Expert.
2. Period Type: Here you can define the Period in which a user should acquire the needed amount of credits. You have four types of Period that you can select:


  • Calendar year: In this option, the credits should be accumulated within a Calendar Year (1st January to 31st December)
  • Hire Date: In this option, the credits should be accumulated within a year (12 months) beginning the date a user was added to the academy.
  • Custom Time: In this option, the credits should be accumulated within a year (12 months) beginning the starting date. When you select this option a calendar prompts you to enter the starting date.

  • Lifetime: In this option, the credits do not expire and the user can accumulate them once, without a period restriction. 

3. Expiration period: Here you can define the period after which the credits will be expired. The available expiration periods are 6, 12, 24, 36, or 48 months. 


4. Uploadable: If you set a Credit Type to not be Uploadable, the members of your academy will only be able to gain their credits by completing their training. If you set a Credit Type as Uploadable the members of your academy will also be able to upload external certificates to earn their credits. Once a member uploads their certificate, you, as an Admin will be able to review their request, and accept it or decline. 

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