Setting Up an Activity-Based Onboarding Plan

An activity-based onboarding process has consecutive tasks following each other based on the completion of subsequent tasks within the overall determined profile duration.  The training is set up in levels: once the user completes the training in the previous level, they are automatically assigned the training of the next level.


Once you are in the profile that you want to set up the flow for, just click on the Open arrow to start planning the training. You will find the Activity-based flow below the time-based plan.

Creating levels

Select the Add button to add a first-level activity.


You will then be able to add a second-level activity by clicking the Add button next to the first-level activity. Follow this pattern to add multiple levels of activities to your plan. You can have multiple sequences, starting from different activities.


All first-level activities will be assigned to the user once they join the Onboarding plan. From then on, each subsequent activity will be assigned based on its respective completion. 

Adding Activities

You are able to add three types of activities: Course, Curriculum, and Message.

Add Course

By selecting Add Course, two options are displayed for you: to Assign the course or Invite users to Enroll. Select the course below.


Selecting Assign allows you to set when in the timeline the learner has to complete the course. 

Selecting Invite to Enroll allows you to select when on the timeline the learner will be invited to enroll in the course. Select the course below.

Save after selecting the course.

Add Curriculum

The process is the same for Curricula.


Note: "Invite to enroll" activities will not be included in the total stats calculation in the Onboarding Dashboard or in My Dashboard (Onboarding tab). Moreover, for the Invite to Enroll activities stats will not be displayed per activity.

Add Message

Selecting the Add Message option allows you to set a message that will be delivered via email to the employee at that point in the timeline. You can set the day (or week) that the message will be sent, the body of the message, and who will be the sender of the email.

You can also define a different message that will be sent to the users that have a specific preferred languageOnce a language is selected from the drop-down, only users having the selected language as preferred will receive the specific announcement. If “All languages” is selected the announcement will be sent to all users, including the users that have no preferred language.


The Sender drop-down list is populated with the role of the Admin as well as the roles of the Managers that:
- are directly associated with the users included in the onboarding profile and 
- have the Send Announcement permission enabled

Messages count as an automatic completion; as soon as it is sent the activity is complete and will trigger the next one.


  • When selecting the sender of the message to be the administrator, Schoox selects the first admin in the admin table from the database. If, for example, the message was written from Admin A, but Admin B was first in the database, then Admin B will be chosen as the sender.
  • Onboarding messages are expected to be received both as inbox messages and as announcements.


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