Adding Supplemental Material to Events

Sure! You have the option to add supplemental material both in your academy's In-Class Training or Live Sessions!

To do so, click on Admin or Manage in your Academy's navigation bar. Then in the side menu select either In-Class Training or Live Sessions; then Manage Events.

On the next page, search for the event you want to add the material to, by using the search bar or the available filters. Once you find the event in question, click on Manage Event and select the Supplemental Material option.


Once you do, you will be redirected to the supplemental materials page for the specific event/offer. You can verify which is the event/offer, as the date and time of the event are displayed on the left of this page.

Please note that when it comes to a Multiple Offer event if you click on the Supplemental Material option on the general Manage Events page, and not the Manage Offers page for the specific event bundle, you will be redirected to the Supplemental Material page for the Main Event Offer.  


You have the option to add a URL, upload a file from your computer, or add content material, directly from your Content Library! Just click on one of the blue buttons, based on your need.

If you are adding a URL or a file from your computer, you will also have to add a title and a description if you want to. Don't forget to hit Save when finished!


From now on, you will be able to see it under the Supplemental Material tab and you will have the option to edit it, delete it, or download it if the type allows you to.


Regular users will have the option to access all Supplemental Material under the Supplemental Material tab on the event page. 


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