Assigning Credits to Courses

Sometimes, being considered proficient in a role requires a specified number of credits within a predetermined time frame. In Schoox, you are able to set up types of credits, and then create rules that determine success for those credit types.

Specifically, you can create types of credits, and associate them with a course, or a job, in a way that someone would know that a number of specific course credits should be acquired within a period of time. Moreover, you have the option to create lifetime-credits (that will not expire).

For example, “SEO Expert” could be a credit type. You can specify that a Unit manager who wants to be a SEO expert should have ten credits by the end of the year and that he can acquire them by taking courses of a specific category in your academy. To do so, you should associate each course with the relevant amount of credits and types of credits that it should have.

Let’s take the procedure step by step.

1. Create Types

First, you need to create Credit Types for your academy. To do so, navigate to your Admin tab from the upper navigation menu and select Credits. Under Credits, select Create Types. Read also: How can I create Credit Types?

2. Create Rules

After creating the types, select Create Rules from the same panel. Read Also: How can I create Credit Rules?

3. Course Panel

You can specify the Types and Number of Credits for each course from the course panel. To do so, navigate to All Courses in the upper navigation bar and select Manage Course under the desired course. In the panel that opens, select Course Info.

On this page, you can select to connect your Course with up to 5 Credits! Just select the Credit from the dropdown and add the Number of Credits you want to be awarded upon course completion. To add another Credit just click the Add Credit button.

Screenshot_28.pngDon't forget to click Save when finished!

4. Credits Dashboard

You can track the number of completions per employee on a separate dashboard. In the admin panel, select Reporting from the left-side menu and Credits Dashboard.  Here, you can see the percentage of completions per job. Select the stats icon to filter this information per employee.


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