How can I accept, assign, and track usage for the coupons of my academy

If you have purchased any course collection for your academy with a coupon code you, as an Admin, have the option of managing them from the Admin panel.

Go to the top menu and click the "Admin" tab. In the left panel navigate through the "Online Training" tab and then the "Course Offers" sub-tab, where you will have access to two options, New Coupons, and Accepted Coupons.

New Coupons Tab

In the "New Coupons" section you will see three options:

  • Preview: You will be redirected to the course, where you will be able to access the training material. 
  • Accept: The course will be added to the course catalog of your academy.
  • Decline: Your academy will no longer have access to this course.


Accepted Coupons tab

By navigating to the "Accepted Coupons" section you will be redirected to a page including a list of all accepted courses where you will be able to set up properly each course depending on the needs of your academy and then assign it to the users. There are four (4) options available on this page:

  • Assign: You will be redirected to the course assignment page
  • Delete: The course will be deleted from your academy. Users that have already been enrolled in the course will not be affected, but if there are any remaining coupons available, will not be able to be redeemed in the future to assign the course to additional users. 
  • Show course in the Academy: By enabling this option, the course will be visible to the academy members, so they will be able to enroll by themselves in case access is granted to them. 
  • Course Category: You will be able to add each course to a specific course category.


There is also some additional information displayed on this page where you would be able to track the usage and availability of the course coupons that have been purchased for your academy.

  • Price/Discount: Depending on the purchase method either the academy might have already prepaid all course coupons or the users would have to purchase the course in order to have access to the training material.
  • Valid until: The Expiration date of the coupon

    Please note that once the Expiration date of a coupon is reached, you will receive an automated notification, as the admin of the academy, to inform you that the specific coupon is expired, and no more users can utilize it.
  • Max quota: Maximum number of users who are able to be enrolled in this course
  • Remaining: The remaining number of available coupons

    Please note that
    once the remaining uses of a coupon reach the Max Quote, you will receive an automated notification, as the admin of the academy, to inform you that the specific coupon has run out of quota and as such, no more users can utilize it.

Keep in mind that the information presented above could differ depending on the purchase method and the content provider from which the course is offered to Schoox Marketplace.

Revoked Coupons Functionality

There are cases where you might see the Remaining number of coupons for a specific course, increased. This can be explained by the Revoked Coupons Functionality!

If a user in your academy has used a coupon to enroll in a course, then the remaining number of your coupon will be reduced by one. However, if this user gets deactivated before they make any progress in the course (Progress=0%), this coupon will be revoked automatically, as the user has not in fact used it. At that point, the remaining coupons for this course will increase by one, as one coupon will be revoked. 

If this user is reactivated, and there are remaining coupons left, the user will be re-enrolled to the course automatically and the remaining quota will again be reduced by one. However, if no remaining coupons are left, the user will not be re-enrolled to the course.  


If you want a Coupon Course to not be displayed in the Course Catalogue then you just have to uncheck the "Show course in the Academy" option. 



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