Promoting / Ordering Library Items

You, as an Admin of an Academy, have the ability to set your Library Item Listings in the order in which you prefer them to appear. You also have the option to select to promote any of your Academy's Library Items! Let's check each option in more detail.

First, you need to head to the Library Items Listing page. To find the Library Items Listing page, head to the Administration Panel, click on Online Training, and then select Library Items Listing. From this page, you can promote and order your Library Items.  

Promoting Library Items

A block, under the name Promoted Content, can be added to the academy’s home page for every user. Up to 3 Content Items (that have been marked as promoted) can be shown on every user’s home page. In order to add the "Promoted Content" block, please check the following how-to article and follow the instructions: How to configure the Home page of my academy?

As soon as the block has been added you can choose which library items should be listed as promoted content. All library items will be displayed on the Library Items Listing page and you can select the ones you want to be promoted. Just toggle the Promoted option to Yes for the items you want to promote. 


Content category visibility rules outweigh the promoted Content setup. For example, a Library Item set as promoted Library Item, which is part of a category not visible to all employees, won't populate at the promoted Content block for an employee who does not have access to that category.


Ordering Library Items Listing

On this page, you also have the ability to set your Library Items Listings in the order in which you prefer them to appear. 


If you prefer an item to appear on top of the Library Items listing, add a large number in the box. Any item with a smaller number will appear in the order of the numbers you give them. All items with no number added (zero) will appear next, with the most recent populating first.

Mass update content categories

From the same page, you also have the option to mass update your content's categories. Read more on this functionality here: How to mass update course/curriculum/content categories?

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