Course Settings

Once you have selected the courses for your curriculum (read also: How can I create a Course?) you have access to your Course Settings through the Course panel of created Course.

Simply select Training > Courses from the upper navigation bar and then click on the Manage Course field of your Course.


In the left side menu, you can see all of the available settings that you can edit.


Some of the options that you have are the following:

  • Edit Course: Through this option, you can edit the basic course information, add prerequisites if needed, and add an image for this course. Please note that you can add an image either by uploading a new one or by selecting an image already uploaded in the Library. Moreover, through this menu, you have the option to copy the course, archive it, or completely delete it.
  • Edit Price: Add a price for your course. Users will have access to it only by purchasing it.
  • Configurator: You can change the order of your course's steps and decide whether the sequence of the steps will be mandatory or not. Moreover, you can manage user progress for new steps or steps updates.
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  • Lectures: Add lectures and/or supplemental material for your lectures.
  • Create In-Class Trainings and/or Live Sessions, related to this Course.
  • On the job Training: Create an On the Job training task or edit the already created ones.
  • Add a badge that employees will be awarded automatically when completing the course.
  • Connect Metrics: Connect Metrics to your Course.
  • Exams: Create an exam for your course or edit the existing ones.
  • Polls: Create a poll to track your employees' feedback or opinions
  • Students: Track the user progress on the Course, Assign (or Unassign) your course to the users under your org structure, send announcements to users about the selected course, etc.
  • Instructors: Update the Instructors of your Course, add new ones or remove previous ones.
  • Custom Certificate: On this tab, you have the option to create a custom certificate for this specific course. The configuration options are the same as configuring your Academy's custom certificate: How Do I Customize My Academy’s Certificate?
  • Notifications: Add scheduled notifications specifically for this Course. Learn more here: Can I configure Scheduled Notifications per Course?
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