Editing a Member's Information

Administrators can easily edit their Academy Members' information, through the Manage Members page.

Select Admin in the top navigation bar. Under Members, select Manage Members.

The next step is to find the user you want to update. Once you find them, click the Edit User option next to their name. 


On the window that pops up, you have the option to update basic information such as the user's name, or more specific information such as the user's preferred language.

Basic Information

If a user has been reported manually, you can easily update the user's First Name, Last Name, Username, Email, and Password from the Edit User page. Just edit the fields and click Save when finished.   


  • If the user is a member of multiple academies, you will not be able to update their password, for security reasons.
  • If the user has been imported via an FTP process, you will not be able to update their basic information. In that case, a banner will appear informing you that the information cannot be edited because the user is synced with an external source.

Preferred Content Language

On the Edit User page, you also have the ability to independently update a user's preferred language. To do so, click on the Preferred Language dropdown and select the language you want the user to have. Screenshot_1.png
Once you select a new language, a new option will appear below informing you that the user's curricula courses are now in a different language and asking you if you want to change them to the new language. 


If you select to change them, once the user accesses the multilanguage curricula they are enrolled in, they will see the courses available in the new language. Moreover, their progress in the dashboard will adjust based on their progress in these courses. 

Save when finished.

You can bulk update users' preferred language if needed. Learn how: How to bulk update users' preferred language?

Custom Attributes

Under the Edit User page, you can also edit the editable custom attributes that you have set up for your Academy. To edit a custom attribute, just update the field to your needs and click Save.  


Learn more on how to define editable custom attributes for your Academy here: Can I add custom attributes to my academy members?

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