Assigning Academy Roles

Each Academy in Schoox has six predefined, global Roles — Admins, Training Managers, Content Managers, Professional Instructors, HR Managers, and Hourly Workers. Each Role is connected with certain privileges and permissions, determining what a user with this role can do in Schoox.


You, as an Admin, can assign roles through the Manage Members page. Select the Admin tab in the upper navigation bar. On the left, select Members and then Manage Members.


Assigning Roles

To give a user a role, just check the corresponding checkbox next to the user's name. By unchecking the checkbox, you can select to remove the role. Save when finished.


Role Specifics

Click here for a complete list of permissions for each role.

Admins: Admins have full power over the Academy. They can do everything - customize the Academy, manage Members, set up the organizational structure, and much more.

Training Managers: A Training Manager has the ability to manage the training process in an Academy: from creating courses, exams, and curriculums to assigning training to employees and supervising the whole training process. They can create, manage, and delete Course Categories and can also be given permissions to access and manage Content Library Categories. 

The permissions and abilities of a Training Manager can be customized by an Admin through the Academy Settings. 

Content Managers: Content Managers have the ability to upload and manage an Academy's Content. That means that they can create, manage and delete Content Library Categories. They may also be given permission to access Course Categories.

The permissions and abilities of a Content Manager can be customized by an Admin through the Academy Settings.

Read more: What settings of my Academy can I control?

Professional Instructors: If a member with the "Create Course" permission enabled is set as Professional Instructor, they can set up priced courses in order to be purchased through your academy.

HR Manager: HR Managers are a role dedicated to assisting with the Performance Reviews and/or Goals in an Academy. Their permissions and abilities can be customized based on your Reviews/Goals settings.

Hourly Worker: The Hourly Worker role, can help you define for which users you want to restrict training based on the location. You can find more information on the Limit Access feature here: How can I restrict access to training based on location?

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